How to get a prepaid eSIM? A complete guide

eSIM technology is transforming the way we connect, offering a practical and advanced solution for users around the world. Especially for those who prefer the convenience of prepaid plans, the eSIM offers unprecedented flexibility. But how can you get and activate a prepaid eSIM? Here we explain it to you.

Understanding eSIM

The eSIM or Embedded SIM is a technological revolution that allows you to activate a mobile plan without the need for a physical SIM card. It offers multiple benefits, such as the ease of switching operators and the ability to have multiple operator profiles on a single device, which is ideal for international travelers or people who want to manage multiple numbers.

How to get your prepaid eSIM

The first step to obtain your eSIM is to check the compatibility of your device . Most new smartphones are compatible with this technology. Then, you must select the operator that best suits your needs. At Telefonía_MX , you will find prepaid eSIM options from renowned providers such as AT&T, Movistar and Newww, guaranteeing a wide variety of plans and services that adapt to any requirement.

Activating your eSIM

Once you have chosen your provider and plan at Telefonía_MX , activating your eSIM is simple. Typically, you will receive a QR code via email or through the carrier's app, which you can scan with your device to start setup automatically. Follow the specific instructions provided to ensure successful activation.

Maximizing your eSIM experience

With your eSIM already activated, you'll enjoy the freedom to connect from almost anywhere, without the limitations of a physical SIM. It is perfect for those who need flexibility or who travel frequently. Plus, managing your plans is easier than ever, allowing you to change services or adjust your data plan instantly.


Opting for a prepaid eSIM with Telefonía_mx offers you not only the cutting-edge in telecommunications technology but also the flexibility to choose between AT&T, Movistar and Neww, market leaders that provide exceptional coverage and quality. It's time to say goodbye to the complications of physical SIM cards and hello to the convenience and simplicity of eSIM.

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