What is an eSIM or virtual SIM?

Conventional SIM cards have been evolving over the years, today we have access to their innovation, an eSIM or virtual SIM is their evolution. It allows you to use multiple phone numbers and data plans on the same device. Today we will talk to you about how you can have access to this technology in Mexico; its price, availability and compatibility.

What companies have eSIM in Mexico?

In our country, only AT&T and Movistar have "free" eSIM technology for any public, while Telcel's eSIMs are only available for use in a rental plan with a Moto Razr, no more.

How to get a prepaid AT&T/Movistar eSIM?

First of all, it is worth clarifying that prepaid means, as we colloquially know it in our country, "recharges." That is, first you pay and then you will have access to a mobile plan with mobile data, calls and messages; without forced deadlines and without annual deposit.

In Mexico, there are many AT&T "franchises" and Movistar stores, this complicates getting a prepaid eSIM, since many of these establishments will surely tell you that they do not have access to "sell" them in this modality, or simply that this technology does not It is available.

Unfortunately this happens because selling a prepaid line does not give you as much commission as if it were a (postpaid) plan, in addition to the scarcity of this technology, this makes it difficult for executives to sell an AT&T/Movistar eSIM to the general public in prepaid, since they prefer to give priority to customers who want it in postpaid.

eSIM AT&T prepaid

Now we have the possibility of purchasing a prepaid AT&T eSIM directly on the AT&T Mexico website, however, you will be forced to purchase it with an annual prepaid plan (simple AT&T), that is, you have to pay for an entire year of service to have access to an AT&T eSIM.

Additionally, we have Mercadolibre, another platform with many unverified sellers that offer you a prepaid AT&T/Movistar eSIM. For the same reason, this could make the process difficult, since there is no clear description of the purchase process, no guarantee of operation, no referral rewards program, no innovative payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bitcoin. .

Fortunately, we have better alternatives for you like Telefonía_MX , which is an online store that helps you connect with your prepaid AT&T/Movistar eSIM quickly, easily and without leaving home.

Generate your order

First of all, you should compare the benefits that each company gives you, many times Movistar offers more GB with a longer validity, while AT&T offers apps with unlimited browsing (thanks to the add-on of unlimited nights and weekends) such as TikTok. By clicking here you can consult the AT&T offer, while by clicking here you can consult the Movistar offer.

Once you have decided on which company, it is necessary to enter the telefoniamx.com page and read all the information there, so that you are aware of the purchase process, functionalities and restrictions.

When you have read all the information, you can now proceed with your purchase, you must select whether you want your eSIM with AT&T or Movistar.

Now you will select if you want a new line (with the available sides) or carry a number you already have.

It should be noted that if, for example, you select an AT&T eSIM and the number you want to port is already AT&T, this procedure is not possible, since instead the procedure would be a replacement instead of portability. This process is only possible if the number you want to change companies does not belong to the same company.

If what you want is to have an additional line to the one you already have, to use the line for work purposes or simply as a backup, we highly recommend purchasing a new line.

On the contrary, if perhaps you already have a line which you hardly use, and you want to have it on your same device so you don't have to change SIM every time you want to use it, we recommend porting the line to your AT&T/ eSIM Movistar.

Portability takes 24 to 48 business hours and your eSIM is delivered the same day (if you generate your order during the applicable times) with a provisional number, this helps you not be left incommunicado during this entire process and you start enjoying the benefits of eSIM technology. Once these days have passed, the number to be carried will be linked completely automatically to your eSIM that you previously installed (or not).

Portability to Movistar

To generate an order in this way to Movistar, you will need your port number, portability PIN in addition to providing your full name and CURP in the corresponding section.

Once you have all this information, you must select the "Movistar eSIM" product and "Portability" as well as the included recharge you want ($150 or $300).

Then, go to your shopping cart, here you can find a section where you must write the number to be ported and its portability PIN. The portability PIN is obtained by sending an SMS to 051 with the word "PIN" from the line you wish to port.

Once you have entered the requested information, select "Complete Order", then you will be asked to provide your contact information and billing address. In this last section, it is vitally important that your full name is provided, as well as, by official provision, your CURP.

Once this section is completed, you will now proceed with the payment information yourself. To avoid setbacks, we highly recommend doing it with a card from a bank that accepts 3D Secure or Apple Pay authentication.

Ready! You have generated your order, now you will receive an order confirmation email and the QR code of your Movistar eSIM will be sent during the course of the day* before 8:45pm.

*We suggest consulting

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