Frequent questions

What is an eSIM and how does it work?

The eSIM is an electronic or embedded SIM card that comes preinstalled on certain devices. It allows users to activate a mobile plan from an operator without having to use a physical SIM card.

What are the benefits of using an eSIM?

The eSIM offers greater flexibility when switching carriers, makes the activation process easier, and is ideal for devices without a physical SIM slot.

What devices are compatible with eSIM?

The list of eSIM compatible devices is growing. Includes select models of iPhone, iPad, smartwatches and more. It is important to review the specifications of the device or consult with the manufacturer.

Is the eSIM the future of SIM cards?

Many experts believe that eSIM is the future of mobile connectivity due to its flexibility and convenience.

Is it safe to switch to eSIM?

Yes, the eSIM offers the same level of security as traditional SIM cards

Can I use my eSIM abroad or roaming?

Yes, the eSIM works abroad, but it is important to check the roaming rates and compatibility with the company.

How to buy an eSIM online?

Visit our product catalog and choose the plan or provider that best suits your needs. The activation process is done online and is quick and easy.

How does eSIM compare to traditional SIM cards?

While traditional SIM cards are physical and must be inserted into the device, eSIMs are embedded and can be activated electronically.

Do I need an Internet connection to install my eSIM?

Yes, make sure you have a stable internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or mobile data, during installation.

Can I activate my eSIM anywhere?

For AT&T or Movistar, you must be in Mexico and in an area with native coverage. For Neww, you can activate it even in the United States.

Is my iPad or smart watch compatible with eSIM?

Yes, as long as the device is factory unlocked and compatible with eSIM technology.

Can I scan my eSIM more than once?

No, each QR code is for single use only.

How do I top up my eSIM once the initial credit runs out?

You can recharge at any authorized establishment or website, or directly on the Newww page.

Can I have multiple eSIMs on one device?

Yes, depending on the model and manufacturer of your device.

How do you register the name on the line?

It is linked to the name and email provided in the first order. Make sure you enter the correct information if you are purchasing for someone else.

Is portability possible between the same company?

No, the number to be carried must be from a different company.

How long does portability take?

From 24 to 48 business hours, depending on when the QR code is sent.

What to do if I receive a SIM card update error with AT&T?

Don't worry, it is a common error and does not affect the activation of your eSIM.

Is it possible to replace my eSIM if I change devices?

Yes, you can request a replacement at a company store if it is from AT&T or Movistar. If it's from Neww, you can request a replacement with our support for $149.

What happens if I have problems sharing the Internet with Neww?

Make sure the APN is set correctly and restart your device

Does the eSIM affect the battery life of my device?

No, the eSIM does not have a significant impact on battery life compared to a traditional SIM.

Is there any additional cost for using eSIM instead of a traditional SIM?

There are no additional costs for using eSIM.

If I lose my device, what happens to my eSIM?

If you lose your device, contact your service provider as soon as possible to protect your number and data.

Can I use both an eSIM and a traditional SIM on the same device?

Depending on the device, some models allow dual use of eSIM and traditional SIM, allowing you to have two lines on the same device.

If I have problems with my eSIM, how can I get technical support?

You can contact our customer service or check the support section on our website.