Coverage guide

Welcome to the Telefonía_MX guide, your ally for the activation and use of eSIMs with AT&T and Movistar operators. This guide will help you identify the type of coverage you have and activate your eSIM correctly.

What is native coverage?

Native coverage refers to the main network of AT&T or Movistar operators. By being connected to this network, you are using the operator's direct infrastructure to access high-quality services and connections.

Identification of native cover

1. Perform a network scan on your device.
2. If AT&T 4G or AT&T appears, you are under native AT&T coverage.
3. For Movistar users, the network must show as Movistar to be under its native coverage.

eSIM activation under native coverage

Activation of your eSIM provided by Telefonía_MX for AT&T or Movistar must be done while you are connected to the native coverage of the respective operator.

What is extended coverage?

Extended coverage is an additional network provided in collaboration with other operators, available when you are outside the range of native coverage.

Identification of extended coverage

In a network scan, if you see labels like AT&T XT or AT&T EX , you are under extended coverage.

General recommendations

• Prioritize being under native coverage to activate and use your eSIM.
• If you are having difficulty finding native coverage, try searching for networks manually.
• For assistance with activating your eSIM or any questions about coverage, contact our support team.
• Once activated under native coverage, you will be able to use your new eSIM under extended coverage.

Do you need assistance?

We are here to help you. If you have any questions or need personalized assistance, you can contact us through our email: or through the chat integrated into our page. It will be a pleasure to assist you!